Cabinets, counters, and appliances What the dream home looks like by generation

The dream home via generation a new survey from the country wide association of home builders looks at aesthetic preferences by using era. Across all businesses ó millennials, gen xers, toddler boomers, and seniors ó stainless steel home equipment were the clear favourite. Nearly three-quarters of technology x customers said they prefer stainless-steel appliances, while sixty five percent of boomers and seniors did. Millennials were close behind at 64 percentage. About a quarter of millennials like black appliances, though they rank low among other cohorts. On counter tops, thereís also a straight forward preferred: granite or herbal stone.

These features are favored with the aid of greater than 60 percentage of millennials and gen xers and over half of boomers and seniors. Most effective a small fraction of every generation prefers laminate countertops. Greater than 1 / 4 of seniors also like quartz. In relation to cabinetry, white is the top-rating choice among all generations. Almost forty percentage of seniors say they prefer white shelves, whilst around a 3rd of millennials and boomers say the equal. Gen xers like white cabinets or medium brown ones. Sun panels, craftsman style, and coffered ceilings: the home features that effect income rate the most

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